Travel and Drink in Style

The thing about hotel bars is you can be anyone you’d like.

Everyone knows the coolness lies in the traveling salespeople and cheating spouses.

So, get your aliases ready, fellow libation lovers - it’s time to drink.

10. GhostBar

The Palms, Las Vegas

Location 4321 W Flamingo RdLas Vegas, NV 89103

Phone: (702) 938-2666

Half naked girls and smoking hot fellas pour into this place like vomit on the strip.

It’s wicked exclusive so be prepared to wait in line or pay a concierge to “make a few calls.”

By far this is one of the best bars to see (and be seen in) while in Vegas.

9. The Raleigh Martini Bar - a great place to meet new people

Raleigh Hotel, Miami

Location 1775 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 534-6300

Miami is a tough one because every breath is filled with amazing, fun, loud bars enticing entrance, but I chose a low-key, classic, soulful place.

There are tons of clubs to bump and grind at, but if you need a calm drink at a cool bar these red, leather stools will make your half-naked Lycra wearing ass look just a smidge classier.

8. Lobby Lounge

Mandarin Oriental, New York

This 35th floor, sleek lounge may not have happy hour, but their non-stop apps and celebrity clientele will make you forget you are paying $19 dollars for a cocktail.

Don’t shrug your shoulders, kids.

One look at the view of central park and you will be on your knees begging for more. In a good, classy,

Manhattan way, of course.

7. Coq d’Or

The Drake Hotel, Chicago

The bartenders wear red vests and they have a baby grand!

Plus any place that serves free apps from 5-7 is okay in my book. It still has that old school look with its dark wood and heavy doors.

If you are looking for a strong poor and a good old 1933 feel, this is the Chicago bar for you.

6. Rooftop Bar

The Standard, Los Angeles

With a pool, 1960’s modern furniture, snobby wait staff and insanely overpriced drinks, it screams LA.

Just be prepared to put on a show. Remember the more you act like you’re somebody in LA, the more people will buy it.

Plus, if you work it hard enough maybe a real “somebody” will buy you a drink and trust me at a place where the beer runs about $8 a glass, you’ll require a freebie.

5. Ruby Room

Onyx Hotel, Boston

Not somewhere everyone will know your name,

(Sorry, I had to) but there are loads of great bars in Boston, and this hotel bar with its dizzying, “looking into a ruby” décor are chic and beautiful.

They have a wicked cool selection of martinis; my fav is the Grapetini sure it sounds lame and girlie, but it will knock you on your ass, yo.

4. Carousel Bar

Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans

Ernest Hemingway wrote about it and it spins. Seriously? Seriously.

I know it sounds horribly cheesy and…well, you’re probably right – it has been voted one of the best places to pop the question but anything with an insane circus motif in the heart of the French Quarter still screams weird, nasty fun.

3. XIX Nineteen

Hyatt, Philadelphia

Although there is a restaurant attached, this 19th floor hotel bar not only has $6 cocktails, but $4 friggin’ beers. If you are looking to impress the crap out of your date take her or him here. It has a breathtaking view, soft leather furniture and deep mahogany; you are sure to get lucky and…if you don’t get some action, youre definitely doing something wrong. Get to therapy.

2. POV

W Hotel, Washington DC

This place has a breathtaking view of the monument, and a massive block of ice the staff chip away at to chill you and your drink out.

They have a fresh juice bar so you can see exactly what you are drinking; it also rocks some of the coolest lacquered walls I’ve ever laid my drunken eyes on.

Fresh drinks and couture décor? Is there even a question what bar you’ll be strutting into when next in DC? No, of course not.

1. The Cruise Room - Awesome art deco bar

Oxford Hotel, Denver

Okay, I’m from Colorado so, it’s kind of necessary that I include one of my hometown bars, but this place was fashioned after one of the lounges in the Queen Mary and it has a free jukebox!

Free sweet, sweet jams and some of the most knowledgeable bar staff I’ve ever come across in my loooong drinking life.

If you aren’t looking for a strong pour and a good story, stay the hell out of this bar.

We don’t want you there anyway.